Supersize Groovy Girls are a Groovy Girl spinoff which features your favorite characters in a larger, 40" size! The supersized characters also have straps on the bottoms of their feet so that little dancers can strap a doll onto their own feet and dance with them. They were produced from 1999-2009, but the Princess Isabella supersize doll continues to be sold today.

List of Supersized Dolls Edit

1999: Lexi

2000: Jacinda, Janisse, Jayna

2001: Sesilia

2002: Kinzey, Trini

2003: Brenna, Daphne, Carissa

2004: Gwen, Reese, Angelique

2005: Queen Lucinda, Princess Seraphina

2006: Gwen (new look), Yvette

2007: Andie, Anya

2008: Ardella (Troop Groovy Girls)

2009: Princess Isabella

Trivia Edit

  • Gwen was the only Main 6 character who had both her looks supersized. This might have to do with the fact that she is the most popular of the Main 6, possibly due to being the leader.
  • Lexi was the first Groovy Girl to be supersized, while Andie was the first to be supersized with the 2007-present face.
  • They can fit into toddler clothes.


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