Year 2002
Gender Girl
Skintone and Hair Color White skin, brown hair
Name meaning Dew from God, leaping water

Talli is a Groovy Girl made in 2002.

Appearance Edit

Talli has white skin and short brown hair with a few magenta streaks in it. She wears a purple short sleeved shirt with a blue collar that reads "Girls Rock" and has a picture of a guitar on it, both in blue. She also wears a red skirt with black trim. She also wears light blue leggings decorated with dark blue spades, and wears black and white shoes with orange soles.

Name Meaning Edit

Hebrew, "Dew from God"

Native American-Choctaw, "Leaping water" (Short for Tallulah)


  • Talli appears on the Wikipedia page for Groovy Girls.
  • A cardboard cutout of Talli was included with the Forever Friends Backpack to demonstrate how dolls can fit in the backpack's straps.
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