Year 2006
Gender Girl
Skintone and Hair Color Light skin, black hair
Name meaning See below

Taryn is a 2006 Groovy Girl who is Poseable. She was also released as a non-poseable doll.


Taryn has black, short, and curly hair. Her hair has pink streaks in it. She also has Asian eyes. Taryn wears a Hawaiian-inspired velvet pullover sweatshirt with pink tassels that have pom-poms of the same color. It is purple with green trim and a hood as well as a creamsicle-colored pocket. The pocket has a blue hibiscus design. She wears an ice-blue leopard-print skirt and pink boots.

Name MeaningEdit

Gaelic, "rocky hill"

Norse, "thunder"

Scottish, "tender/innocent"

Russian, "frozen"

Latin, "of the earth"

English, "tower"

Hebrew, "wild goat"

Greek, "the reaper"

Sanskrit, "young"

Scandinavian, "little princess"

Welsh, "far to go"

Arabic, "to carry"


  • Her name has the most meanings out of all the Groovy Girls' names!


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