The Crush Four are a boy band who the Groovy Girls are all fans of, but Yvette and Oki seem to be their biggest fans.

Every Groovy Girl likes them for different reasons - Gwen loves their musical style and the instruments in their songs, Oki and Reese are all about their voices and swoon-worthy harmonies, Vanessa and O'Ryan love their sense of humor...and of course, Yvette loves them because they're cute.

They first appeared in the Season 2 episode "Yvette's Got Talent", but as only their voices and on Yvette's posters.


  • Jake-a tan-skinned boy with dark brown hair and bangs voiced by Greg Cipes. Oki's favorite.
  • Colton-a pale-skinned, sandy blonde-haired boy also voiced by Greg Cipes.
  • Mitch-a light-skinned guy with freckles and light brown hair, and Yvette's favorite. His voice is done by TBA.
  • Parker-a boy with light skin and auburn hair voiced by TBA

Known SongsEdit

  • That Girl-their "biggest hit", a typical boy-band tune in A Major
  • Kiss On The Cheek-a pop ballad in C Major
  • Dear Santa-a Christmas pop song in G Major


  • Yvette has an entire wall covered with posters of the Crush Four (including some with kiss marks on them) in her Mod Pod.
  • Gwen is also shown to have a Crush Four poster on the wall of her Mod Pod.
  • Oki keeps a picture of Jake in her wallet.
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