• Hey, sorry if this is the wrong place to put this, couldn't figure out where else it'd go. I know it's kind of a longshot, but I was hoping you or someone else on this wiki would be able to help me identify a doll from an image? She used to be my favorite, and I realized the other day that I don't remember her name. It could be that she's on the wiki and I just couldn't find her, but so far I've only seen one image of her online to prove she ever existed. I've attached my one picture below, sorry it's such poor quality, and I'll briefly describe details I remember that aren't obvious in the photo. She's wearing a light purple plastic crown with a blue shape (I think a heart?) in the middle, her tights are light purple with white polka dots, and I can't quite see or remember whether her hair was streaked with purple or pink, but I believe it was purple. Her dress is also covered in sparkly silver flecks. Any help would be greatly appreciated, but totally fine if you can't or would rather not look into it. Either way, thanks a bundle, and have a groovy day!
    Mystery Groovy Girl
    ETA: Found another picture! 
    Mystery Groovy Girl 2
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