Trini's look from 2002.

Year 2002; 2006
Gender Girl
Skintone and Hair Color Tan skin, brown hair
Name meaning Trinity

Trini is a Groovy Girl who was first produced in 2002, and was later revamped with a new look in 2006. She is VERY popular and her new look in 2006 was also available as a Poseable doll. Due to her popularity, she appeared on the show in BOTH of her looks and was voiced by Cathy Cavadini.

Personality on the Show Edit

Trini's first look appeared in "Sunday Sundae" as a competitor in the ice cream flavor contest, and "Pageant Wars" as one of the competitors in the pageant. She also appeared several times with this look as a non-speaking background character.

Trini's second look appeared in "Spooky Sleepover," as a girl whom the Ouija board felt was the perfect match for Kyle. She was depicted as being carefree, fun-loving, and attractive to him, just as before. She made Gwen very jealous, since Gwen has a crush on Kyle. As a non-speaking background character, this look was featured a few times in season 4.

Appearance Edit

Trini's first look has tanned skin and loose, curly brown hair with bangs. She wears an early 2000's outfit consisting of a blue T-shirt and a green skirt with three diamonds on it. The diamonds are blue, red, and navy. She wears yellow tights with pink hearts on them and purple sandals.

Trini's second look adds pink streaks in her hair and puts her hair in braids without bangs. She now wears a pink tunic with blue sleeves, multi-colored stripes, and blue leggings. She also wears yellow rain boots. She also has the same face now as Pilar, 2007 Raelyn, and Trissa.

Name MeaningEdit

Spanish, "trinity"

Trivia Edit

  • Trini's the only Groovy Girl who isn't in the Main 6 to feature two looks.
    • This is due to her popularity.


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