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  • WatermelonSunshine


    January 21, 2016 by WatermelonSunshine

    So, today, our admin SweetiePieKids02 has visited the Manhattan Toy site and made me aware of the new 2016 Groovy Girls and Boys' names:

    YET ANOTHER L SERIES: Logan (boy!), Lola, Lily, Lolly

    OTHERS: Julia, Brynna

    FAIRYBELLES: Melissa, Lacey

    Photos and pages coming soon!

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  • WatermelonSunshine

    Okay, I know very few people come here, but I found this site that thought my Groovy Girls TV Show was something real and I want to share it with you! XD

    I'm honestly flattered, but this "Mom Junction" site adapted my descriptions of the characters (which are 100% fanmade) and is convinced that those are the ACTUAL DESCRIPTIONS of the doll characters! This made me laugh, but at the same time it made me feel honored.

    Check it out here:

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  • WatermelonSunshine

    Play it at:

    It's just like Tetris but with Groovy Girls.

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