That's cornier than corn on the cob with a side of cornbread!

–Vanessa Gordon



Year Released: 2004; 2006 (new look)

Gender: Female

Hair Color: Brown

Skintone: Dark

Voiced By: Chiara Zanni

Vanessa was one of the "Main 6" Groovy Girls. She was first introduced in 2004 and then again in 2006 alongside the rest of the Main 6. In the show she is voiced by Chiara Zanni.

Personality in the Show Edit

Vanessa Gordon is a cool, calm, and super-athletic tomboy. Her many talents include volleyball, soccer, tennis, and playing the guitar. Whenever the Groovy Girls are in a sticky situation, Vanessa won't panic...she has a mellow personality but will step in during a disagreement and try to work things out. She can be a bit sassy at times, but everyone loves having her around. When she's not playing one of her many sports or the guitar, you can find Vanessa painting or reading comic books. In fact, her Mod Pod bedroom is decorated with all her artwork! Her groovy BFF is Reese.

Name Meaning Edit

Vanessa was invented by the Anglo-Irish writer Jonathan Swift for Esther Vanhomrigh, whom Swift had met in 1708 and whom he tutored. The name was created by taking "Van" from Vanhomrigh's last name and adding "Essa", a pet form of Esther. In 1807 a butterfly was given the genus "Vanessa" as a nod to Swift.

Appearance Edit

The original Vanessa has brown hair with tan streaks. She is dark-skinned and wears a purple dress. Her dress is leopard-print at the top and has an orange, blob-like patch on it. Vanessa has very high socks which are pink and black striped, and she wears purple heels with white soles.

The revamped Vanessa has dark brown hair in a partial pony with a slight wave to it. It has no streaks. Her shirt is purple with short sleeves and a blue bird on it. She wears a crazy skirt with a striped spring-green, blue, and purple waist. The skirt is orange with floral and paisley designs in many colors. Her tights are white with yellow, blue, pink, and mint-green dots on them. Vanessa also wears a pair of purple boots with pink accents.


  • Another doll named Vanessa was made in 2002.
  • Vanessa celebrates Kwanzaa on the show and speaks Swahili.
  • To voice Vanessa, Chiara uses the same voice she uses for Shani from PollyWorld.
  • When Vanessa is embarrassed, she blushes, her eyes dart side-to-side and she hides herself in shame.
  • Her signature sound effect is a Malibu-style slide guitar riff.
  • Her signature laugh is a chuckle.
  • She does not have a favorite TV show, and enjoys both Gwen's favorite show "Power Pixies" and Reese's favorite show "Joey Finkleberry".
  • Her 2006 doll was the last doll up until Lola and Julia from 2016 to have non-streaked hair.


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