Now do you wish you could be Canadian, like yours truly?!


Year 2002
Gender Girl
Skintone and Hair Color White skin, blonde hair
Name meaning Victory, conqueror

Victoria is the Groovy Girl who represents Canada in the "around the world" mini-series of dolls from 2002. Famous Canadian voice actress Tabitha St. Germain guest-starred as her voice on the show.

Personality on the Show Edit

Victoria only appeared once on the whole show, in the episode "Oh No, Canada/Monkey Business". She moved from Canada to Glitzville and is a bad girl. Not only is she nasty and rebellious, but she also has a (gasp) TATTOO on her shoulder! This bossy girl forced O'Ryan and Dylan to date each other, despite the fact that they didn't really want to. She loves seeing others miserable and, according to Gwen, she's "like Blake. But a girl. And Canadian." In her free time, Victoria likes to listen to rock music and sing horribly off-key to it while headbanging.

Appearance Edit

Victoria has long, messy blonde hair with fuschia streaks tied in a partial ponytail with a light pink ribbon. Her shirt is maroon and sleeveless, and she also has a pink skirt with red Canadian flags as a trim. She wears silver go-go boots with maroon soles and pink fur trim. Her stockings are silver. There is a red maple leaf tattoo on her shoulder.

Name Meaning Edit

Latin, "victory, conqueror"

Trivia Edit

  • She was named for Victoria, a city in British Columbia, Canada.
  • She is the only Groovy Girl with a tattoo.
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