This is the final Groovy Girls TV Show webisode, posted in early December 2006 to & The episode is significantly shorter than the others, and is a "musical".


The Groovy Girls decide to have a big Christmas party, told through a series of Christmas carol spoofs.

It begins with Gwen singing a spoof of "Deck The Halls" about the joys of decorating for Christmas and buying friends gifts. Vanessa then sings a parody of "O Christmas Tree" while baking Christmas cookies, and messing up. Reese, due to celebrating Hanukkah and feeling a bit left out, sings a "Silent Night" spoof about her concern, but then lapses into a parody of "Hava Nagila" about the joys of Judaism. Oki's "Carol of the Bells" spoof describes having trouble choosing an awesome outfit for Christmas. O'Ryan sings a short spoof of "Jingle Bells" having to do with Christmas foods, and Yvette sings a parody of "I Want a Hippopotamus for Christmas" about finding the perfect guy.

Then, the girls all arrive at the party and they sing the titular "We Wish You a Merry Christmas" spoof. The webisode ends with everyone opening presents.



  • This is the only webisode with any songs in it.
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